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Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi: Violating Shabbat Is Worse Than Committing Murder

After a story about a Shabbat-violating barber, Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi says:
"Don't make this mistake. Don't send your children to public school. Get them out of there right away. Don't be afraid of the money. [Unclear: Something about "animals".] You put him in good Yeshiva and one day you're gonna see how you saved them. At least your grandchildren will be Jewish. Better your son will be a doctor and your grandchildren will be Vinny and Tony? Or Achmed? Is that better? OK, so your son became a doctor. But who are his children. Irene? And Christine? And who - who are these children? What's gonna be when 71% of people in America getting married to non-Jews. Do you know that? 71%. Every day Israelis getting married to goyim here in New York alone. Every day."

RELATED: You might remember Mizrahi from his December 2013 declaration that even masculine homosexuals "must be stoned to death."

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