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Tea Party Sites: Obama Doesn't Care About Dead Soldiers At Fort Hood

Breitbart, Truth Revolt, and other Tea Party sites are declaring that President Obama doesn't care about the soldiers killed yesterday at Fort Hood. Instead of giving the Texas incident the proper attention, they imply that the president shrugged and jetted off to Chicago to dance under a waterfall of six-digit checks from wealthy leftists.

Ben Shapiro blasted out several tweets like the one above, which suggests that the president was supposed to be in Maine on the day of the Sandy Hook shooting but he canceled that trip out of respect for all those murdered children. In fact that canceled trip to Maine was scheduled for several days after the Sandy Hook shooting. But that inconvenient truth doesn't support Shapiro's vile insinuation that the president can't be bothered to call everything off on days when the murder victims are only US soldiers.

Despite what most would assume from the above headlines, the president was already at the first fundraiser of the evening when he received news of the Fort Hood shooting. Via CBS Chicago:
The President learned about the shootings at Fort Hood right in the middle of a fundraiser at a restaurant on the Chicago River. CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine spoke with those who were with the President when he got the word and reports that they could see a change in the President’s demeanor. They didn’t know what it was, but they knew something had happened. The President first learned about the shooting just after arriving at Chicago Cut, the River North Steak House where he’d meet with 25 major donors. “I think the President was given a note during the meeting which he did not share but as he read the note, you could see he got deep in thought and was concerned about whatever was on there. I was sitting next to him, but couldn’t see what the note was,” said Mesirow Financial CEO Richard Price. “All of a sudden his staff members are all on their phones and whispering to each other,” said David Flom, co-owner of the Chicago Cut Steakhouse. And then he came out and spoke to reporters.
According to local Texas news, the shooting began at about 4PM, just as Air Force One was landing at O'Hare in Chicago. As you can see by the above time stamp, Fort Hood first tweeted a warning at 6:01PM, four minutes after the story broke on the Twitter account of a local Fox affiliate. According to an Associated Press reporter traveling with the president, he was told about the shooting at 6:46PM. He gave a statement to the media at 7:15PM and was back on Air Force One around 9:00PM. (Fort Hood and Chicago are in the same time zone.)  That's quite a tight schedule for somebody who spent the night partying while soldiers were dying in Texas.

Legitimate news outlets report that the president was somber and distressed by news of the Fort Hood shooting and grimly announced the situation to shocked attendees at that fundraiser, "drawing gasps and cries of 'Oh no!'" Teabagger sites, however, want people to believe that he was doing keg stands with George Soros instead of hurling himself into the the path of bullets a thousand miles away as any real president would do. We can easily imagine their headlines if the president had walked out on that fundraiser as wingnuts are insisting he should have.

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