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Ugandan Group Issues Urgent Appeal For Aid In Helping HIV Volunteer Flee Country

GEHO Uganda has issued an urgent appeal for financial assistance in helping a Ugandan HIV/AIDS volunteer flee her country. The woman is currently in hiding and is being sought by police after being accused of violating Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act through her work. Details:
On April 11, the Gender-Equality and Health Organisation (GEHO) Uganda, a community-based organization in Jinja, Eastern Uganda, posted an urgent appeal for travel funds for a One Way airline ticket to Canada for Dorcas Awena, 26, a longtime volunteer for their AIDS program. GEHO was set up to provide desperately-needed medical, legal and psychological support, including safe houses and legal aid, for the LGBTQ community of Jinja, Eastern Uganda - after initial introduction of the "Kill the Gays" bill. Awena fled into hiding after police raided GEHO's offices, and six local radio stations publicly broadcast her name as someone accused of violating the anti-homosexuality law. As of Thursday afternoon, April 10, Awena had avoided a third attempt by the police to arrest her. GEHO still needed $300 to cover her plane ticket. Your donation to the Safe Passage Fund will be applied to cover the balance of Awena's air ticket and a travel stipend ($800). Monies raised beyond this amount will help other LGBTQ activists and allies in Uganda, Nigeria, Russia and elsewhere in immediate danger who need safe passage and asylum.
About the Safe Passage Fund:
Right now, LGBTQ activists are under attack in Uganda and need your support. The Safe Passage Fund was created to provide immediate assistance to LGBTQ activists who are at-risk of violence, life-imprisonment or even death. In partnership with our sister fund, Urgent Action Fund - Africa, the Safe Passage Fund makes rapid grants within 1-7 days to ensure the safety, and if necessary, evacuation, of these courageous individuals.
From the appeal: "Your tax-deductible donation will be quickly directed to the neediest cases. Thank You!" The Safe Passage Fund is a sister operation to the Urgent Action Fund.

Donate here.

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