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Liberty Counsel Cheers SCOTUS Ruling

"Liberty Counsel has been actively engaged in protecting the rights of Americans to pray in public forums. Monday, the fruits of our labor paid off in a big way. Today, to the consternation of anti-Christian segregationists, historical revisionists and Church-state separatists, prayer in the public square remains protected in the United States of America thanks to patriots like you and five Supreme Court Justices. We live in the land of liberty because America was founded upon prayer. Prayer signaled the turning point in the history of America. It would be extremely dangerous for our nation’s courts to have ruled to remove prayer from public forums. Together we must preserve our unalienable right to get down on our knees to pray – and we must never fail to rise up to fight when that freedom is threatened." - Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver, writing for Barbwire.

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