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Ted Baehr: Anti-Christian Bigotry In The Media Caused The UCSB Slayings

"Where did this young murderer get his narcissistic views about sex? Well, for decades, the mass media—not only through thousands of books and movies, but also through the national 'news' media and popular music—has been promoting the so-called 'Sexual Revolution,' an anti-Christian, unbiblical view of sexual morality. This pagan ideology has undermined the institutions of marriage and the family, along with the moral fabric of the United States and many other countries. In that light, it's important to note also that the mass media too often not only has been apathetic but also overtly antagonistic toward religion, especially Christianity and those of us who believe in the Bible. This anti-Christian bigotry in the mass media has created a culture of anti-Christian bigotry and atheist advocacy. The solution to this is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Spreading that gospel is the best way to stop further media terrorism like what happened Friday night." - Christian movie reviewer Ted Baehr, writing for Charisma News.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: In 2011 Ted Baehr called for the arrest of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo over the legalization of same-sex marriage. In 2009 Baehr demanded that the U.S. government block the release of Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno for its "extremely graphic depiction of homosexual sodomy." That same year Baehr attacked the Academy Awards for bestowing an Oscar on Milk star Sean Penn. His column, published by Porno Pete, was titled Hollywood Denounces God And Applauds Pedophilia.

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