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Brian Brown Has The Bakery Sadz

"Not only has the Christian baker been ordered to 'cease and desist' from 'discrimination' against gay couples, but he and his staff have been ordered to undergo two years of 'training' to assure that no further 'discrimination' occurs. The baker must report quarterly to the state Civil Right Commission about how it is changing its policies, its "training" progress and the names of any clients it has refused to serve. The movement to redefine marriage was once said to be about 'tolerance and acceptance.' Today it is about tyranny. Anyone who continues to think that redefining marriage won't affect you or your children is just not paying attention. It already affects every American, and this will only continue to get worse. Oh, sure, you'll always be free to hold a belief about marriage, but if that belief ever impacts your actions as a citizen, you can expect the full force of government to come down to crush you." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, via email.

RELATED: In the closing of the above message, Brown again flogs the video for NOM's coming hate march in DC. Despite daily tweets and mentions on NOM's blog, the video only has 5400 views. Most of those views, I'm sure, have come because the video has been posted here and on other LGBT sites.

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