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Brian Brown Has The Wisconsin Sadz

"It's a simple question, one to which every Junior High student in America learns the answer. Who rules this country? We the People! Government of the people, by the people, for the people! Simple, clear, and unmistakable — unless you are an unelected federal judge. Then it seems the rule is: I will impose my opinion on an entire state and trample on the people and their will. That's the scene that again has played out, this time in Wisconsin, over the weekend where District Judge Barbara Crabb threw out the state's constitutional marriage amendment and with it the votes of nearly 60% of the people of Wisconsin.

"This is not what our country is about and it certainly is not what our founding fathers envisioned in creating three co-equal branches of government. So it's up to us — it's up to you — to correct this undemocratic attack by what amounts to judicial overlords who seem bent on destroying the most vital institution our nation has — marriage between a man and a woman, united so a child can have the love and nurture of both a mother and a father." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, in a money beg for next week's hate march.

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