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Bryan Fischer Continues Bakery "Jail" Lie

"Slavery, by definition, is involuntary servitude. It is being forced to provide labor or produce a product against one’s own will. When a man is forced, under threat of being sent to jail, to do work that he would not do unless he was compelled to do it, he is no longer a free man but a slave. We fought a brutal civil war over this very issue, and took a pledge as a nation that we would never tolerate slavery again. Apparently someone forgot to tell the Stormtroopers in the homosexual movement about the civil war, the civil rights movement, and freedom of both will and conscience. The leaders of the Gay Gestapo have become our new slave masters. They can now send us to the hole if we refuse the massa’s demands." - Hate group spokesman Bryan Fischer, continuing the ridiculous lie about jail time for public accommodation violations. As we know, not one state has such a penalty.

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