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"Ex-Gay" Grindr Cruiser Matt Moore:
Trans Kids Are Possessed By Demons

"I get angry because of stories about kids like [six year-old transgender boy] Ryland. Angry at people. Angry as sin. Angry at Satan. I am not the type of person that believes Satan is hiding behind every rock, but I do think that there is a demonic element at play when little girls actually start to think they’re little boys, or little boys actually start to think they’re little girls. Actually, I’m sure that demons are all up in that. God created men and women to reflect His image and Satan is all about distorting God’s image. How better a way to do that than to get the image bearers to go against their own physical and biological make up? So-called transgender-ism is a literal rejection of God’s creation and image. Satan loves it." - "Ex-gay" loon Matt Moore, writing for Matt Barber's website about the viral video that now has over five million views.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: In February 2013 Moore was spotted on Grindr in New Orleans at the same time he was writing vicious "ex-gay" screeds for the Christian Post. After being confronted, Moore confessed that it was a "major disobedience to Christ" to have been cruising for huge uncut cocks on Grindr. He then declared that he had sold his computer and "put a lock on my phone" so that he wouldn't succumb to the delicious temptations of huge uncut cocks. The following week he posted a now-deleted YouTube video in which he declared that he rejects the term "ex-gay" because he's just as attracted to huge uncut cocks as when he found Jesus.

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