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Indiana Haters Have The Equality Sadz

"In the event that same-sex marriage is here to stay, as we have seen in other states, those who refuse to applaud same-sex relationships will eventually be punished by their own government for their sincerely held beliefs. Business owners such as bakers, florists, bed and breakfast owners, photographers and many others are being, fined, forced to close their businesses and even threatened with jail time for refusing to participate in same-sex 'weddings' or in some way publicly supporting homosexuality. If the government recognizes same-sex 'marriage' it indirectly takes the position that moms and dads are optional and makes a moral judgment about human sexuality. As we have seen in Massachusetts and other states, when same-sex 'marriage' is recognized, the schools teach students about homosexuality and that moms and dads are optional, even at a young age, and even when parents object. Regardless of whether or not Judge Young’s act of judicial activism is allowed to stand, the reality remains that the citizens of Indiana need religious liberty and free speech protection." - The Indiana Family Institute, via press release.

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