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MAINE: Dem US Senate Candidate Objects To HRC's Endorsement Of GOP Opponent

"My opponent, Republican Susan Collins, had the chance to speak up in favor of marriage equality in 2012 or any time in the previous decade. Two years after her constituents made their feelings known at the ballot box, she has refused to break her silence. I believe Mainers need, want and deserve more proactive representation on equal rights -- on allowing LGBT students to learn without fear of bullying, on applying for jobs and going to work without fear of discrimination, and on much more. I'm running for Senate to provide that proactive representation and to expand Constitutional protections for our LGBT community. This is one endorsement in an election year. Mainers are more interested in both candidates' records, and my record speaks for itself." - Former ACLU of Maine executive director Shenna Bellows, via press release.

RELATED: In an op-ed written for the Huffington Post, last week Bellows vowed that "one of her first acts as senator would be the introduction of a national Human Rights Act to prohibit anti-LGBT discrimination in marriage, housing, education, access to credit, public accommodations and employment."

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