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Papa's Prince: A Gay Family Musical

From the producer of the below clip:
Some time ago, I asked Blake McCarty if he wanted to collaborate on a short film inspired by my "granddaughter" Viv. Viv was adopted at infancy by our friends Michael and Calvin, and because there were no grandparents in her life, she in turn adopted me and my partner as "The Gramps". Together, Blake and I co-wrote the screenplay, and asked Michael Biello and Dan Martin if we could use their song "Come Closer" from the musical "The Cousins Grimm" as part of the story. The result is a seven-minute musical short mixing live action and stop motion animation. The story focuses on a 7-year-old girl (coincidentally named Viv) who invents a fairy tale about how her Dads met as a way to entertain her new friend, Henry. By the end of Viv's imaginative tale - replete with Busby Berkeley Barbies - Henry is so intrigued that he decides to see how his beloved action figure might look holding hands with a male toy Viv uses to tell her deconstructed version of The Frog Prince.
Really, really cute.

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