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PHILADELPHIA: Cops Arrest Suspect In Grindr Rape And Robbery Case

Philadelphia police have arrested a man suspected in the April rape, robbery and beating of a Canadian tourist who met his assailant on Grindr. Due to surveillance video, the suspect had been publicly named by the police on the day after the crime. Philly Mag has the police report on the arrest:
"The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has charged 26-year-old Douglass Casey with Indecent Deviant Sexual Intercourse (IDSI), Sexual Assault, Robbery, Kidnapping for Ransom, Theft, Unlawful Restraint, Terroristic Threats, False Imprisonment, Simple Assault and [reckless endangerment.] Casey is charged with assaulting and robbing a man he met on ‘Grindr’ in a Philadelphia hotel on April 9, 2014. Casey was arraigned, bail was set at $1 million dollars and his next court date is scheduled for June 26, 2014.”
NOTE: It appears that "deviant sexual intercourse" is the umbrella term for several categories of rape in Pennsylvania. The term seems to be gender-neutral.

RELATED: In a separate case, a Philadelphia-area man was reportedly beaten to death last month by someone he met on Grindr. There has been no arrest in that case.

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