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Weekend (Funeral) At Bernie's

New Orleans funerals have always been known for being celebrations of a life fully lived rather than somber reflections on loss, but this may be pushing it a bit too far. Via WGNO-ABC:
In life Miriam Burbank loved a cold beer, and an occasional scotch. So it’s only fitting, that it all be captured as part of her home-going. “I didn’t want her to just go, just go. So, I had to do something amazing. So she’s never forgotten,” Kimball said. Burbank’s daughters had a vision and presented it to funeral directors at Charbonnet Funeral Home, located in Treme. “They said they didn’t want a traditional religious type service,” Intern Funeral Director Lyelle Bellard said. “That she was just one of those people that just enjoyed life enjoyed living, just enjoyed people.” Burbank is sitting at a table wearing Saints colors. Her fingernails are even painted black and gold. She’s got her Busch beer and menthol cigarettes. The arraignment has been well received by friends and family members.
This short news clip is going viral.

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