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NOM: Boycott Chase Bank

"Dear Joe, This is the smoking gun. NOM has obtained new evidence that shows Chase bank not only violated its employees' privacy with invasive and inappropriate questions on an employee survey aimed at pushing an LGBT agenda, but that the company has lied to consumers and its own employees about the now infamous questions. Today, NOM is launching an international petition and boycott at to send the message that this kind of invasiveness and dishonesty is unacceptable and will not go unchallenged. I urge you to read on to get the facts for yourself, and then head over to to join this important effort.

"The news about this survey has already been reported far and wide. But after NOM called on our members to contact Chase and demand answers about the invasive question to employees about whether they were 'allies of the LGBT community'—and answers about how this information was to be used—the bank's leadership went on defense. Several of you forwarded me responses received from Patricia A. Wexler, a Chase spokesperson, who said that, 'The news report is not correct. These surveys are anonymous and voluntary.' Another Chase spokesperson, Jaclyn D'Aversa, reiterated to the Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal that the survey was 'completely voluntary and anonymous.'

"That the survey was administered, and contained the offensive question, is simply beyond doubt. This screenshot, published Friday by Breitbart News, has finally laid all such questions to rest—even though, as the Breitbart piece notes, several liberal media elites had been claiming that the survey didn't even exist. We must spread this story far and wide. Many of you have been following this story, but many more still need to know about it so that they can join in action with others from around the globe in this historic protest. JP Morgan Chase is the largest bank in America, with assets over $2.4 trillion — they should be busy with the business of banking, not thought-policing and harassing their employees and lying to the public. They must be held accountable." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, via email. Hit the link for a similar version of the above on NOM's blog.

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