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Brian Brown: Even If We Lose At The Supreme Court, NOM Is Not Going Away

The Guardian has interviewed hate group leader Brian Brown about the unbroken string of court victories for same-sex marriage.
“We’re not going away,” Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, told the Guardian. “We’ve been hearing about our demise for the last 15 years. It hasn’t happened, and it’s not going to happen, even if the [US supreme] court is to do the unthinkable in an attempt to redefine marriage and the law.” If same-sex marriage continues its successes, NYU’s [Patrick] Egan predicted that opposition groups could attempt to derail the laws by taking advantage of precedents set by things like the supreme court’s June Hobby Lobby decision, which grants exemptions to closely-held corporations on religious grounds. Conservative groups attempted, and failed, to use this ruling to get an exemption in an executive order signed earlier this month that prohibits discrimination against gay and transgender workers in the US government. NOM’s Brown said that with the Hobby Lobby decision, it was encouraging to see that “the court get such patently obvious cases right”, but said through laughter that his group is not interested in seeking religious exemptions. “We’re not going to be treated like bigots in the law,” Brown said. “We’re not bigots. It’s not bigotry to stand for marriage.”
Nobody was really expecting NOM to close down, after all - there's all that money to be made overseas.

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