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Dr. Drew Interviews Daniel Pierce

The Advocate sets up the clip below:
Previewing the video, host Dr. Drew Pinsky and his panel offered a little context on the situation that ensued before Pierce began filming. The teen's grandparents, father, and stepmother were attempting to stage an "intervention" surrounding his sexual orientation, allegedly trying to send him to a "reparative therapy" program where he could try to "pray away the gay." When Pierce stood firm in his conviction that being gay was not a choice, the situation quickly escalated into violence. Before welcoming Pierce to the show, Pinsky hosted a panel to discuss the video, including a call from a self-proclaimed "ex-gay" man who practices so-called reparative therapy. Pinsky acknowledged that he is concerned by those who would try to change a person's sexual orientation but still welcomed David Pickup to the program, noting that he believed Pickup's view, while controversial, was worth hearing. Video of the segment featuring Pickup is not available through the show's website, though a transcript of the conversation is available via CNN. In the second half of the segment, Pinky welcomes Pierce, who he identifies under the pseudonym "David." Most of Pinsky's panelists laud the teenager's poise, grace, and courage in coming out despite the hostile reaction.
David Pickup, of course, is the NARTH-affiliated "ex-gay" crackpot on whose behalf the Liberty Counsel failed to overturn California's ban on "ex-gay" torture.

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