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Local Haters Have The Florida Super-Sadz

"In yet another incident of judicial corruption and lawlessness in South Florida over the last 18 days, today, Broward County Circuit Judge Dale Cohen overthrew Florida’s voter-approved Constitution and denied Floridians their fundamental voter rights. Millions of Americans died fighting in battlefields around the world to defend the constitutional rights Judge Cohen has denied Floridians todays. He has violated his Oath of Office and the Code Judicial Conduct. This is a racist ruling that destroys public confidence in the judiciary and inflicts irreparable harm to respect for the Rule of Law. Cohen’s lawless decision to overthrow Florida’s Constitution, violate constitutional separation of powers, and deny fundamental voter rights is in brazen contempt to the legally binding precedent established by the U.S. Supreme Court in U.S. vs. Windsor. In so doing, Mr. Cohen has also offended basic human decency, violated his Oath of Office, the Code of Judicial Conduct, and the Florida Bar Canons of Ethics. Cohen has forfeited his legacy and his right to remain on the bench." - Sara Espinoza, of the Florida Democratic League, which bills itself as the state's "largest Hispanic-led Democratic voters' organization."

RELATED: The Liberty Counsel was denied in their bids to represent the so-called Florida Democratic League in two same-sex marriage cases. The actual Florida Democratic Party is threatening to sue Espinoza's group for misrepresenting themselves as part of their organization.

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