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MINNESOTA: Gay Reporter Grills Archbishop John Nienstedt About His Sexuality And Views On LGBT Rights

Minnesota Archbishop John Nienstedt, who spearheaded his state's campaign against same-sex marriage, is being investigated over allegations that he has had "inappropriate sexual relations" with priests, seminarians, and other men. This week a gay local television reporter grilled him about his sexuality and his views on gay rights. Via Minnesota City Pages:
Last week, embattled Archbishop John Nienstedt did the media rounds, granting one-on-one interviews to most local outlets. (Our invitation must've gotten lost in the mail...) Fox 9 reporter/anchor Tom Lyden's interview with the archbishop was especially noteworthy. Lyden, who's married to a man he's been in a relationship with for more than two decades, grilled Nienstedt about his own sexuality and anti-gay views. The line of questioning culminated in the archbishop acknowledging that his beliefs about the sinfulness of same-sex sexual relations don't seemingly make much sense at all.
Start the clip at 9:00. This is good stuff.

(Tipped by JMG reader Rick)

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