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OKLAHOMA: Christian Missionary Says Demon Made Him Molest African Orphans

From the New York Daily News:
An accused child molester from Oklahoma is claiming that a demon named Luke forced him to commit disturbing sexual acts against children. Matthew Lane Durham, 19, faces life in prison for allegedly raping and molesting up to 10 Kenyan orphans during a missionary trip to the Upendo Children's Home near Nairobi between April and June of this year. In oral and written statements, the Edmond teen allegedly confessed that he spanked, caressed, and engaged in sex acts with young girls and boys at the orphanage. He also wrote that he would force the children to watch while he touched himself. In chilling text messages between Durham and unnamed friends, obtained by KFOR, the teen reveals that he believes he’s a victim of demonic possession. “How can i not hate this thing inside of me? It takes me at night and i am powerless over what luke wants. Yes i named him i know how crazy that is. He whispers in my ear all day and hes so hard to resist” [sic] Durham wrote in text messages released by prosecutors. The teen claimed he tried to pray the demon away, but the spirit wouldn’t budge. “You honestly have no idea...i’ve prayed so much, but every night luke gets what luke wants,” [sic] Durham wrote.
An Oklahoma grand jury has indicted Durham on multiple felony charges including traveling to Kenya "for the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct with persons under 18 years of age." The charges were requested by the US embassy in Nairobi.

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