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One Million Moms Vs Radio Shack

Just in via email:
Joe, Radio Shack is offending families with not one but two inappropriate commercials. Both ads use sexual innuendos and include children. Parents find this type of advertising disgusting. In "Laundry," a dad enters the room with a laundry basket and says to his son, "Mom just finished laundry. Anything you want to tell us?" The boy has a guilty look on his face and replies, "Sometimes I have these funny feelings and I'm not sure what's going on, but I looked online and it said it was normal." The dad has a surprised look on his face and is almost speechless, but says, "Uh, you left your phone in your jeans and it went through the wash." In "The Talk," the dad approaches his son and says, "I think it's time we had a little talk about 'protection.' I know you just want to get out and show it off, but you can't just go swingin' it around all willy-nilly, trying to impress the girls. You gotta be careful." He then displays and refers to a tablet, remarking "this glass is fragile." Why would Radio Shack deliberately turn off consumers with sex-laden advertisements? Radio Shack needs to hear from 1MM concerning these sleazy commercials. There is no reason to use indecent ads especially when they feature children in them. Take Action: Please send an email letter urging Radio Shack to pull both the "Laundry" and "The Talk" commercials immediately. Otherwise, many customers will be left with no choice but to avoid making any purchases from Radio Shack stores.

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