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ARIZONA: Lambda Legal Files For Death Certificate Marriage Recognition

Via press release:
Today Lambda Legal filed emergency papers asking the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona to order the State of Arizona to provide an accurate death certificate to Fred McQuire for his husband, George Martinez, who passed away early Thursday morning. “This is what we mean when we say every moment counts for same-sex couples whose relationships are disrespected by the State of Arizona. Fred and George were devoted to each other for 45 years and just days after George’s death Fred now has to fight to have his name listed on his husband’s death certificate--it’s heartbreaking and humiliating,” said Jennifer C. Pizer, Law and Policy Project Director for Lambda Legal. “After George’s thirty years of service as Deputy Clerk of the Arizona Court of Appeals, it is a disgrace that the State’s lawyers refuse to give even one humane inch, just to refrain from debating the grief and vulnerability George’s death causes for Fred. It was an honor to know George and we will do everything we can to make sure his commitment to Fred is respected.” If the State does not provide an accurate death certificate to Fred as George’s surviving husband, the inaccurate certificate will interfere with Fred’s ability to take care of George’s affairs and to apply for survivor’s benefits generally available to a surviving spouse.
The press release notes that George was diagnosed with cancer related to his exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam.

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