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Holly Johnson - In And Out Of Love

Via Digital Spy:
Holly Johnson has unveiled the music video for new song In and Out of Love. The track is the lead single from Europa, Johnson's first album in 14 years. The video has been directed by Chris Shepherd and produced by Alex Bedford. The follow-up to 1999's Soulstream coincides with the 30th anniversary of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's debut Welcome to the Pleasuredome and is released on September 29. Johnson returned to the studio after being introduced to Mark Ralph by The 2 Bears. "I'd pile my vintage synths into the back of a cab, head over to Mark's place, and we'd be up all night making this record," said Johnson.

RELATED:The Guardian has published a fascinating look back at Welcome To The Pleasuredome, which dominated the British charts for most of 1984. An excerpt:
Frankie were a blip, albeit a seismic one. Relax and Two Tribes are the sixth and 22nd bestselling UK singles ever – above Relax there are just charity records (Band Aid, Candle In The Wind) and novelty songs (Mull of Kintyre, You’re The One That I Want), give or take Bohemian Rhapsody. Frankie’s achievements – first three singles all No 1, a double debut album with advance sales of more than a million – are colossal. Yet they rarely get cited by other bands: they didn’t, for example, feature in the NME’s recent cover story on the 100 Most Influential Artists. But that’s because it would be impossible to recreate what they did. They were a one-off: two self-styled “ferocious homosexuals” up front, backed by three prototype Liam Gallaghers, who were known as “The Lads”. Their symphonic future disco came in sleeves full of literary allusions and they issued missives in T-shirt form: Frankie Say War! Hide Yourself, Arm The Unemployed and Bomb Is a Four Letter Word. The hi-tech sonics were the work of producer Trevor Horn; the intellectual subterfuge was courtesy of former NME writer Paul Morley.

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