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New York City Councilman Fernando Cabrera Praises Uganda's Anti-Gay Laws

Andres Duque writes at YouTube:
In a 30 minute video posted on January of 2014 New York City pastor and Councilmember Fernando Cabrera addressed viewers from Uganda and praised their draconian anti-gay laws for lowering HIV transmission. He also said the United States should have an "department of ethics" such as the one that launched the extreme attacks against the Ugandan LGBT community.

RELATED: Cabrera represents the Bronx and is running for the New York state Senate. The Gotham Gazette wrote about him last month:
City Council Member Fernando Cabrera's run for the state Senate in the Bronx's 33rd district, a seat currently held by Sen. Gustavo Rivera, is becoming more complicated by the minute. Cabrera, a Democrat challenging Rivera in September's primary, has expressed interest in joining the Independent Democratic Conference if elected and appears to have its members' support. However, IDC leader Sen. Jeff Klein, also of the Bronx, recently said that he would have a "litmus test" for any candidate the IDC might support. Based on his conservative stances on reproductive rights and marriage equality, Cabrera appears likely to fail such a test.

Cabrera is a conservative Democrat and pastor at New Life Outreach International. He has ties to the Family Research Council, which was recently labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for insisting that gays and lesbians should be imprisoned. According to records from Westchester County and the New York City Board of Elections, Cabrera switched his registration from Republican to Democrat when he moved to the Bronx in 2007, yet continued to vote in the 2008 Republican presidential primary. Cabrera enjoys support from Sen. Ruben Diaz and from the conservative Democratic base in the Bronx that backs both legislators
The primary is Tuesday.

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