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Tony Perkins Mocks Abercrombie Loss

"Back in November of 2013, Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie called a special session to legalize same-sex 'marriage, instead of giving voters a voice. Rather than put the issue on the ballot, as thousands of people asked for, he fast-tracked the bill through the legislature. Unfortunately for Abercrombie, he may have stopped Hawaiians from voting on marriage, but he couldn't stop them from voting in the primary. And that's where most of the state had the say they'd been waiting for. For the first time in Hawaii's history, a Democratic Governor was unseated in the primary. And handily. Abercrombie lost by a landslide, conceding a massive 2-1 margin to his opponent, despite outspending him 10-1. This weekend, he blamed the disaster on his decision to redefine marriage. Of course, the media would have you believe that the debate over marriage is over. But the next time you're tempted to believe them, ask Neil Abercrombie how 'over' the discussion really is. Thanks to this election, he'll have plenty of time to answer." - Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via press release.

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