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KANSAS: Gov. Sam Brownback Leads Rally Against Same-Sex Marriage

Via the Kansas NBC affiliate:
Governor Sam Brownback spoke out against same-sex marriage at a rally on the east side of Wichita. The Whistle Bus Stop Tour rally this morning brought dozens of speakers out, all of which oppose same-sex marriage in Kansas. The rally was also met by opposition of those who feel Kansas needs to get on-board with many other states in the country and allow same-sex couples the same liberties. More than one hundred people packed the Summit Church parking lot this morning to take a stance on same-sex marriage. Those in the crowd are hopeful an amendment they voted for in 2005, stating that marriage shall be constituted by one man and one woman only, will hold up. It’s a sentiment that Gov. Brownback echoed. “70-percent of Kansans voted to put in your constitution that marriage is the definition of a man and a woman,” said Gov. Brownback. Other state officials took to the podium, delivering a message that could soon become reality. “If we lose the battle you will have to accept the view that marriage can be anything three judges say it is,” said U.S. representative Tim Huelskamp.

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