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Klayman: Obama Must Be Taken Alive

"I do not advocate violence, and I want Obama to be taken alive to be deported and pay for his inadequacies under the rule of law. But he must be forced from office as soon as possible, before all is lost. We the people simply cannot, and should not, take it anymore. These are not ordinary times. The nation is at war, not just with foreign and domestic enemies, such as the Muslim Americans who have joined the Islamic Jihad of ISIS and al-Qaida, but with our own president, who was so ignorantly and tragically elected to rule over us." - Loony tune teabagger Larry Klayman, writing for World Net Daily.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Last week Klayman filed a Homeland Security demand that President Obama be deported as an illegal immigrant. Last month Klayman declared that God wants the United States to nuke the Middle East. In August, Klayman sued Obama for secretly being a pro-Hamas Muslim.  Klayman, who founded Freedom Watch and who unsuccessfully sued Rachel Maddow on behalf of hate group leader Bradlee Dean, has repeatedly called for outright armed revolution against the federal government. Fewer than 100 idiots showed up at Klayman's rally outside the White House last October, where he infamously called for President Obama to "put down the Koran and come out with your hands up."

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