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Local Haters Have The Alaska Sadz

"Apparently, [Judge] Burgess agrees with one of the lawyers for the plaintiffs suing the State who said that marriage is a 'changing institution.' Changing exactly into what is the most frightening aspect of this ruling. Under what logical rationale would the Courts now deny other 'evolving' forms of marriage? Three wives for one husband? Marrying your aunt or niece or brother? Group marriage involving any number of couples and individuals with various sexual orientations? Once you eliminate sexual complementarity from the marriage equation, is there any reason to keep other cornerstones we've all taken for granted for generations including exclusivity, permanence and monogamy? There can be no doubt that this was a subversion of the democratic process. Who is the true owner of our state constitution? Is it the people of Alaska or unelected men and women who happen to wear black robes? If it's the latter, then the idea that we live in a representative democracy is nothing more than wishful thinking. Despite our disappointment with the Burgess ruling, Christ is still on the throne." - Jim Minnery, head of Alaska Family Action.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG:  In 2012 a coalition of Christian churches that included Minnery's group was busted for encouraging Anchorage voters to register and vote on the same day in order to thwart a proposed LGBT rights ordinance. Voter registration in Anchorage closes 30 days before voting day and the local municipal clerk declared that she believed voters from outside Anchorage "crashed" the polls, causing ballot shortages at multiple polling places. The ACLU called on the state legislature to appoint a special counsel to investigate, but the GOP-dominated Assembly voted against taking action. The bill failed due to this dirty trick and the usual anti-trans men-in-dresses bathroom scare tactics, with the Liberty Counsel declaring the bill's failure to be a "stunning victory." Minnery is the cousin of Focus On The Family hater Tom Minnery, who campaigned in support of a failed Colorado bill to legalize anti-gay discrimination.

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