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Today In Christian Love

"I just returned home with a group of hearty men from witnessing at the Homosexual Pride Parade in Springfield, Missouri. As usual, I was heartbroken by the age of those who have been captured by the 'lifestyle.' Take a look at these photos. Notice the young souls parading their sin in the public streets. It would have been better for these adults had they been drowned with a millstone around their necks than mislead one of these little ones. When we returned, I posted some of these images on my Facebook page. My intent was to prick the hearts of people to action. Homosexuality is gobbling up our young kids. There is nothing 'gay' about it. They are being lured into a self-destructive behavior because they have bought the lie that homosexuality is normal. It isn’t. It is deviant. Someone needs to tell them, help them, and lead them to the truth. Our churches have turned a blind eye."- Dave Daubenmire, writing for Matt Barber's site. No link, because fuck those douches.

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