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Townhall Writer Attacks Houston's "Old Bull-Dyke" Mayor Because Jesus

"If I were gay I wouldn’t give a flip if pastors spoke against my particular penchant -- like Houston’s old lesbian mayor has been doing – because I cherish this thing called 'liberty'. Yep, as a hypothetical gay dude I would still embrace freedom of speech and not get my neckerchief in a wad because some Southern Baptist doesn’t like my checking Jethro’s oil. Indeed, as an imaginary gay man I’d still embrace the First Amendment and would fight my gay backside off for others' right to say and do whatever, just as long as I didn’t have to pay for it and I could ridicule the crap out of it. Which brings me to this point: I don’t like fascists, straight or gay. Which means I don’t like Houston’s old lesbian mayor. I think she’s un-American. I think she’s a bull-dyke who wants to foist her weltanschauung on Texans. All of us should cherish and protect such liberty because it's this freedom that sets us apart from such clowns as ISIS. Speaking of Islam, if Houston’s old lesbian mayor wants to get pissy, she should focus her radical-feminist-lesbian rage at Islam because, unlike the Christians who graciously would like to convert her, Islam, on the other hand, would like to kill her." - Doug Giles, writing for Townhall.

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