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Alone Together

Via USA Today:
There once was a time when the family gathered around the living room TV. Then the tech era armed everyone but the family dog with their own personal screen. Now Marc Todd wants to go back to the future. SkreensTV is a $399 ($499 after the crowdfunding campaign) 7-by-2-inch WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled box with five HDMI outputs and storage capacity ranging from 4 to 64 GB. SkreensTV routes the action from multiple devices – cable box, computer, gaming console, streaming TV – onto one screen. A custom app turns your tablet or phone into a remote that allows you to customize the size of each screen projected onto your TV. One video source can use the TV's speakers for audio, while the other four audio tracks can be accessed by wireless headphones. That's right, Todd is convinced folks are so desperate to be together they'll put up with a giant home TV with warring images of sports, xBox, and Twitter feeds.
The Indiegogo page is here.

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