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HomoQuotable - Andrew Caldwell

"First of all, I'm delivered. And when I was a homosexual, I never looked at an old man. I would never touch an old man. Like I said, I dated a couple of football players, I dated church people. So I would never ever date a old person. That's not my type. That's nasty. If folks want to know if I'm sleeping around right now and stuff, let me tell you something, I have no tastes for those desires. You know how people were smoking and they stop smoking for years? God took the taste out of my mouth. Trust me, I would NOT ever, ever in my life, touch an old man. Cuz you know why? If you could see me when I was a homosexual, I was a very attractive person. I would never touch - what do I see in an old person? I am delivered, I am set free." - Andrew "I'm Not Gay No More" Caldwell, after being asked if he is romantically involved with the older man with whom he lives. The older man was also on the call.

The above interview was posted yesterday on YouTube by the website Pimp Preacher, which has also published a multi-point refutation of the apparently spreading rumor that Caldwell was paid for his "ex-gay" performance at last weekend's COGIC convention. Included in the post is a declaration of the "truth" about Caldwell's May arrest for insurance fraud:
Truth About The Arrest - A local pastor was invited to Andrews church to preach and lay hands, but Andrew became alarmed when he noticed who the pastor was (because Andrew knew the man to frequent gay bars). To prove his point Andrew tried to get a picture of the man leaving the bar and when the man noticed Andrew trying to get pictures of his car he swerved the car in Andrews direction - thus running over his foot. A police report was filed and Andrew tried to sue the man’s insurance - but the insurance company sided with their customer under the grounds that “Andrew was stalking him.” As a result Andrew was arrested and charged with filing a false insurance claim with specified injuries. Andrew will receive a plea to a lesser charge with 80 hours of community service (non felony) – and this incident will not appear on his record as a felony. This Case was closed today at of 11:10 am cst.
The author of the above-linked Pimp Preacher post goes on to declare that he does not support COGIC, noting that "for four consecutive years I have been their number one critic."

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