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One Million Moms: Harass Kohl's Over Ads During How To Get Away With Murder

Just in via email:
Dear Joe, ABC's creepy program "How To Get Away With Murder" did not end with the finale since it is now airing the season all over again. New episodes will begin on January 29 and in the meantime the network plans to air reruns - unless 1MM can intervene. This show is about more than murder and violence. There is a whole slew of sins in this series that the network calls entertainment. This program has included assault and murder on several occasions, as well as graphic heteros-xual and homos-xual s-x scenes on a p-rn-graphic level, foul language, mockery of Jesus Christ and Christians, s-x with a minor (statutory r-pe), adultery and marital affairs. This series pushes casual s-x as acceptable, even when with multiple partners or encounters in public places. This wicked show has many dark images including a rotting corpse, dead bodies and other gore. Even though the program airs on Thursday evenings at 10PM, it is not late enough for the violent, twisted plot and s-nsual scenes that are completely soft p-rn.
The email concludes with a call to harass Kohl's via phone, email, and social media until the retailer no longer advertises during the show. Last week One Million Moms sent out a celebratory end-of-year message which trumpeted the group's boycott campaigns against 23 network shows.

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