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REPORT: ISIS Throws Allegedly Gay Man From Roof And Stones Him To Death

Via Radio Free Europe:
A website affiliated with Islamic State (IS) militants on December 9 posted photographs online that appeared to show militants throwing a man off of a roof and then stoning him to death after one of the group’s Islamic courts ruled that he was a homosexual. A statement accompanying the images said that an Islamic court ruled that the man had “practiced sodomy and must be thrown off the highest point” in the area and then stoned to death. It said the court was in the Wilayet al-Furat -- referring to an area that stretches across the Syrian-Iraq frontier where the Euphrates River flows from Syria into Iraq at the Albu Kamal-Qaim border crossing. The killing comes after IS militants in November stoned two men to death in Syria, claiming they were homosexuals.
NOTE: Islamists have been known to accuse their critics of being homosexuals in order to "justify" their executions.

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