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Billboard Of The Day

The KKK has posted the above billboard in Harrison, Arkansas.
Placed on Highway 65 near Harrison’s city limits, the new billboard reads, “It’s NOT Racist to [heart] Your People.” It also describes Harrison by saying, “Love Lives Here,” and depicts a young white girl holding a puppy in her arms. The advertisement – which officially went up on Monday, according to the Harrison Daily Times – goes on to promote a website called If typed into an internet browser, the link redirects viewers to another page encouraging people to tune into KKK Radio for programs aimed at “the entire family.” Alongside music and old time radio shows, the station’s schedule lists programs titled “Sword of Truth” and “The White Side,” as well as “This is the Klan.”

“A lot of people recognize that there is an ongoing program of genocide against white people,” the website reads. “There are websites, newsletters, videos, and radio shows, but too many talk about family without including the family.” Describing its own programming, the KKK Radio site states: “These are free of race mixing themes and the exploits of homosexuals – the kind of entertainment that is popular on television today.” “It has always been our mission to not just promote the white family, but to make them a part of this cause of white Christian revival,” it continues. As soon as the billboard arrived, it was met with criticism from residents and others around the country. On Facebook, some users commenting on the Daily Times’ story posted intense criticisms of the ad while others said there was nothing particularly wrong about it.
The Klan says the billboard is leased for a full year.

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