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TEXAS: Christian Activist Christine Weick Hijacks Podium At Muslim Event

You'll remember Christine Weick for her conclusive proof that Monster Energy drinks were invented by Satan and from her disruption of a Muslim prayer event at Washington DC's National Cathedral. Today the allegedly homeless Weick found her way to Austin, Texas, where she rushed the microphone during Texas Muslim Capitol Day to scream about Jesus. Via the Austin Statesman:
What was supposed to be a rally at the Texas Capitol Thursday promoting political engagement and tolerance for Muslims and was largely derailed by sustained screams from protesters loudly advocating for something quite apart from peace and love. But not one of the 10 or so speakers at the hourlong event managed to finish a sentence without being heckled by noisome group of maybe two dozen that fanned out about 20 paces from the south steps of the statehouse. A patriotic song by the Houston Koran Academy didn’t even silence the screaming. CAIR-TX spokeswoman Ruth Nasrullah had barely begun the program when a woman briefly commandeered the podium and attempted to claim the Capitol in the name of Jesus Christ. The woman, a native Michigander who said she goes “wherever the Lord calls,” later said she was seized by “righteous anger” and felt she’d accomplished what she attempted to do Thursday morning. “I want to inspire Americans against this and proclaim for Jesus Christ and not their god, Allah,” Christine Weick said.

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