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Freepers Are Furious With Jeb Bush

As you'd expect, Free Republic readers are furious with Jeb Bush over the appointment of an openly gay man to head the communications team of his 2016 campaign. Not that they have any love for Bush in the first place. A few sample comments:

"This is a big mistake. I don't know why everyone feels the need to cave to these homo militants. Somebody is giving Jeb the wrong advice. I predict this homosexual activist is going to damage the campaign because of his disorder. I suspect he is a Dem plant."

"More proof that Jeb means to be anointed without the need for conservative votes of the base. Tim Miller’s communications could have been easily vetted to see he is against conservatives. Jeb is doing this with the support of Tokyo Rove and the GOP-E. We need to wake up and have a new party, with our own candidates."

"If he’s not intentionally sabotaging his own candidacy then he is indeed too stupid to be president."

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