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One Million Moms Vs Spirit Airlines

I literally shouted "HOORAY!" when this came in just now. Scared the cat.
Spirit Airlines ads often use distasteful marketing choices. For example, there is also their Bare Fare ad. The script for that ad goes: "Our fares are unbundled: no 'free' bag, no 'free' drink. From the start, it's just you're a_s + gas and a personal item." That included an image of a stick figure covering its privates as though not wearing any clothes. Yesterday, they went too far with their latest perversion and launched their "69" ad. It’s a shame an airline would advertise in such a way when families fly on their airlines. This time they have outdone themselves with a disgusting ad. The entire marketing campaign is horrible. This suggestive advertisement is offensive and completely inappropriate. TAKE ACTION: Please use the information we have provided on our website to contact Spirit Airlines urging they pull this offensive 69 ad campaign immediately!
See the full text of the ad at my post from yesterday.

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