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Bill Maher On Obama's Legacy

"You sometimes hear people, even Democrats, say, 'I’m tired of Obama because he didn’t live up to his promises.' I say, 'Are you sure about that? Maybe they just didn’t cover it on TMZ.' Because Obama is slowly going down the list: Cuba, gay marriage and, I’m hoping before he leaves, pot. He’s trying to finish strong. Obama should be a better bragger. He needs to start acting like he won the last election instead of lost it. If the Republicans had his record, they’d be riding it like a fuckin’ wild bronco into the 2016 election. Their attitude would be, 'Why even have an election? We’ve tripled the stock market, unemployment is below six percent, 10 million more people have health insurance, the auto industry is back on its feet.' Oh, and he averted a depression." - Bill Maher, speaking to Playboy Magazine.

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