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FRC: Same-Sex Marriage Violates The Separation Of Church And State

Brian Tashman writes at Right Wing Watch:
The Family Research Council announced today that it has partnered with Rick Santorum’s film company, EchoLight Studios, to produce a short film for churches to air during the April 26 event “Stand for Marriage Sunday: Religious Freedom at Risk.” In the film, which features appearances by Santorum and Mike Huckabee, the FRC warns that a Supreme Court ruling striking down bans on same-sex marriage would jeopardize religious freedom and undermine the separation of church and state. The film mentions cases in Oregon and Washington state where a baker and florist, respectively, were sued for violating their states’ non-discrimination laws — not marriage laws — for refusing service to gay customers. (The baker and florist both lost their cases).
See the full bullshit video here. An excerpt is below. And remember that although homofascists are "verbally killing Christians" and "persecuting Christians all over America," only six businesses have ever been fined for violating LGBT-related public accommodation laws since Wisconsin became the first state with such a law over 33 years ago.

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