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Giorgio & Britney Spears- Tom's Diner

Suzanne Vega’s 1980s classic “Tom’s Diner” — named after the real-life restaurant used in Seinfeld—had a pop-culture resurgence last year when Fall Out Boy sampled it in their song “Centuries.” Now, it’s having another moment thanks to Britney Spears and Giorgio Moroder, the dance-music pioneer who’s recruited pop stars like Sia, Kylie Minogue and Charli XCX for his new album Déjà Vu. Spears’ contributions sound downright robotic thanks to copious auto-tune, but before you wonder why any singer would need digital processing to sing the track’s simple and iconic doo-doo-doo hook, consider this: all that studio magic does, in a way, amplify the themes of voyeurism and alienation that reportedly inspired Vega’s original track.

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