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Marriage Facts For SCOTUS

The Williams Institute today sends us some bullet points in advance of tomorrow's oral arguments before the Supreme Court.
•An estimated 390,000 same-sex couples are currently married in the United States. The number of married same-sex couples has tripled since 2013.
•77% of same-sex couples across the country are living in the 37 states and Washington, DC where they can now marry, and 72% of Americans are living in jurisdictions that allow marriage for same-sex couples.
•There are approximately one million same-sex couples (married and unmarried) living together in the United States.
•An estimated 122,000 same-sex couples are raising 210,000 children under age 18, of whom 58,000 are adopted or foster children.
•Same-sex couples are nearly three times as likely as their different-sex counterparts to be raising an adopted or foster child. Married same-sex couples are five times more likely to have these children when compared to their married different-sex counterparts.
•In Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee – the states specifically at issue in the cases before the Supreme Court – 19% (nearly 11,000) of the 56,000 same-sex couples are raising more than 18,000 children under 18 years old.
•Public support for same-sex marriage has increased in all 50 states since 2004, especially in states that have legalized same-sex marriage.
The above Wikipedia map might be the last one you see that isn't all blue. But there's an outside chance that cases pending out of the Fifth and Eighth circuits could see movement before SCOTUS rules.

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