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One Million Moms Vs Bayer Healthcare

Just in via email:
Dear Joe, The newest Lotrimin commercial has people talking, and not in a good way. This current ad is inappropriate because it clearly implies m*sturbation and is aired early in the evening when children are likely watching. This is unacceptable! The ad features a couple lying in bed when the husband accidently wakes his wife up while he appears to be pleasuring himself. The wife asks, "What are you doing?" as she pulls back the sheets. She then finds him using a long backscratcher to scratch an itch on his foot caused by athlete’s foot. Although the husband is only scratching his foot, the implications are terrible. Lotrimin, owned by Bayer HealthCare, LLC, needs to know it is not alright to air commercials with offensive content, especially when children are likely watching. TAKE ACTION: Please contact Lotrimin (Bayer HealthCare, LLC) through our website and ask them to pull their current ad immediately! Also, encourage them to be more responsible next time they decide on a marketing campaign. If they would like our business, they must no longer air sexually explicit ads.

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