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Today's FRC Marriage Fast Prayer

This is penultimate day of the Family Research Council's 21-day fast against same-sex marriage and today's prayer hits on their latest talking point - that only one other country, Brazil, has "imposed" gay marriage via the judiciary. That not exactly true as that's how Mexico is doing it too. But as FRC lies go, this one is relatively minor.
Pray that God will guide the Court to read, comprehend, and take to heart the sound warnings in these briefs, which make clear that no fundamental right to same-sex “marriage” exists in our Constitution! May our Justices keep their oath to uphold that Constitution. (2 Chr 32:22; Ps 32:8; Is 10:1; Mt 5:18) May each of the Justices be gripped by the fact that only one of the very few world nations that presently allow same-sex “marriage” did so by judicial fiat. May they be convicted that judicial fiat is not the American way. (Exodus 23:1-3; Lev 26:45; 2 Kgs 17:11; 2 Chr 20:6) May our Justices conclude and rule that only a sacred union between a man and a woman can be called a marriage. May they rule that no state is required by the Constitution to recognize same-sex “marriages” performed elsewhere that do not meet the requirements for marriage in their own state. (2 Chr 7:14; Pr 22:28; Jer 18:1-11; 2 Th 2:15)
The claim about Brazil was also brought up by Tony Perkins during his appearance yesterday on Face The Nation.

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