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TRAILER: Duck Commander, The Musical

The Duck Dynasty musical has opened in Las Vegas and the reviews aren't terrible.
It’s not a spoof, but it might be satire. When Miss Kay (Mimi Bessette) sings to troubled Robertson family patriarch Phil (Tad Wilson) “Hey redneck, my sweet redneck …” it isn’t a “Saturday Night Live” bit. It is even, gasp, a bit touching. “Duck Commander Musical,” the new Broadway-style show at the Rio based on the “Duck Dynasty” family, lives up to its pledge not to make fun of its subjects. But making fun of how and why the Robertsons are famous? Open season. Perhaps the creators from the New York side of this cultural collision want to bring in their friends and point out a deeper layer; that their well-crafted and tuneful froth is also a looping “meta” musical about pop culture spiraling to the point where we have a “Duck Dynasty” musical.
You can listen to songs from the show here. Trailer below.

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