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Mat Staver: Same-Sex Marriage Will Lead To A Holocaust For America's Christians

"We're talking about the ghettoization of Christianity and this is what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany, they put the Jews in ghettos, they put other people in ghettos. They took away their ability to earn a living, then they isolated them to ghettos, they stigmatized them, they ultimately destroyed their humanity in the minds of others and then the next step was easy, in the sense that they had gone to the point where they had lost respect for humanity. This is a serious manner because this ghettoizes Christianity. This stigmatizes those who have Christian beliefs. This ultimately punishes those and prohibits those individuals from earning a living or working in the marketplace. And this is the beginning of ultimately dehumanizing the person and when you dehumanize the person, terrible things can happen." - Mat Staver, speaking today on the Liberty Counsel's radio show.

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