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MINNESOTA: Tourism Ad Stars Gay Dads

Via City Pages:
The Twin Cities has a reputation for being a gay-friendly place. Same-sex marriage is legal, Minneapolis was once dubbed the "gayest city in America," and our Pride parade is arguably Minnesota's greatest get-together. Now a new ad from Minnesota's tourism arm is subtly putting out more inclusive vibes. For the first time, one of Explore Minnesota's TV commercials prominently features a gay couple. Studly husbands (uggos still aren't allowed on TV) Ben Meents and Chet Ritchie appear to be having a gay old time, touring breweries, attending Rock the Garden, zip-lining, and, oh hey, driving a tank. Basically, they're doing things any couple way cooler than you would on vacation. "We're just wanting to show off how inclusive we are and our state is," Explore Minnesota spokeswoman Alyssa Ebel says.
The couple's 13 year-old daughter, who doesn't appear in the clip, has written an op-ed about the ad for the Advocate.

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