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TRAILER: Desert Migration

About the documentary:
The spotlight shining on the fight against HIV has dimmed in recent years. The virus itself has been downgraded to a ‘chronic condition’. The elderly are, to a certain extent, shuffled into a corner. Aging people with HIV even more so, ignored and forgotten. But they are a reminder not to be complacent. A reminder that HIV is still a big deal. It’s not a case of just taking a few pills and you’ll be fine. These survivors are a reminder of that, but they are also a testament to strength, resilience, and endurance. Using these individuals, "Desert Migration" discusses subjects that relate to us all; HIV positive or negative, young or old. How do we approach our own aging, and the notion of mortality? What gives us the will to create, to achieve, and even to live at all, as our minds and bodies deteriorate? How resilient is the the human spirit?

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