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Wingnut Group: America Might Not Survive Caitlyn Jenner's Transition To Female

"How does growing one’s hair long and wearing a dress make Bruce Jenner into a woman? Some might say it makes him appear to be crazy, a pervert or a lunatic. But where is the evidence that this is anything but a hoax? During a period when America desperately needs strong families grounded in the traditional male-female relationship, this message of sexual confusion can have an extremely damaging impact on young people who may be going through challenging periods in their lives. America’s families will pay the price. The nation may not survive, as it becomes a laughingstock before self-destructing or becoming easy pickings for a determined foreign adversary." - Accuracy In Media head Cliff Kincaid, writing for Barbwire.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Cliff Kincaid says Obama has given an interview to a "gay porn outfit" (referring to the Huffington Post.) Cliff Kincaid demands that Fox anchor Shepard Smith come out of the closet, refuses to comment on Matt Drudge. Kincaid says that marijuana use causes terrorism.  Kincaid says gay people live a "disease-ridden lifestyle." Kincaid lectures at Porno Pete's hate academy. Kincaid says gay people want to give Americans AIDS by donating blood. Kincaid endorses Uganda's "kill the gays" bill. 

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