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Alan Keyes: The Fourth Of July Is Now A National Day Of Mourning For Christians

"July 4th is the day we are supposed to celebrate the Declaration of Independence. But now, for the first time in the history of the United States, July 4 must be a day of mourning, not of celebration. For Americans of goodwill must commiserate, in the wake of a Supreme Court decision in which an impudent, prejudiced majority struck what they intend to be a death blow against the self-evident truths the Declaration admits and proclaims; and in which even the best of those who should have boldly upheld the Declaration’s standard against the majority, instead cowered in the penumbra of that majority’s abandonment of right and reason, ashamed to admit the power of God’s name, to which the Declaration reverently defers, along with His authority, on which those self-evident truths self-evidently depend." - Alan Keyes, writing for his personal site.

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